our services


Account Management

Our specialist teams work closely with our vendors in order to deliver sustainable services into our managed channel. We have dedicated technical support teams to aid our end-user partners, alongside our dedicated end-user education sales team and our end-user and reseller workstation sales team.


The technical side of house is enormously important to the development of our business. We have an in-house technical configuration team who deal with all our internal technical operations, configuring over 20,000 systems every year. Our pre-sales team offers our partners advice support at the start of the pathway to your commercial decision. We also offer an imaging and asset tagging service to ensure the best hardware integration into our partners. Finally, our post-sales support team offers our partners peace of mind with our service.

Finance & Credit

Our in-house finance teams strive to achieve the best, consistently. They help us maintain our achievement of being one of the most financially secure partners in the UK, by holding our high net worth ratio to revenue. This enables us to offer more flexible credit terms to our resellers. We offer our partners a dedicated in-house credit team who offer credit limit support for small reseller partners and back to back support on large deals for resellers.

Stock Holding

We are one of the largest UK stocking resellers, holding 3.2 million units of stock within the UK. We have the widest range of hardware configurable services in the UK to apply to our range of brand new to end of line inventory. We limit our partner’s liability, free of charge, by holding stock for 24 hours and longer terms can be arranged.


We offer next day configuration and delivery service in the UK and Europe. To ensure the smooth delivery of our hardware into our partners, we have an international e-shipment software which offers real time order tracking. We also outsource our warehousing for system integrators, OEM’s and resellers.