About us

JarvisTech Ltd - Established 1996

The UK’s largest stockist for HP Renew PSG equipment and New End of Line HP equipment.

Combined we have over 21 years of experience selling HP equipment

As an organisation we have an unwavering commitment to quality, internally and externally, in an ever changing market place. Our strategy is to have a small number of vendors where we can increase share of wallet without dilution, concentrating on the values those vendors offer.

At Jarvis we are convinced we can help you make more margin and become a more complete reseller for your customers.

We consider previous hardware models as an effective alternative, even better than the current lines. So besides our stock on current models, we can also supply you with the previous models for up to 5 years which we hold as brand new / ex-demo / refurbished or second user.

What’s in it for you

At Jarvis you will always get a great price. Developments in the IT-market happen fast, models get replaced by the manufacturer well before their lifecycle ends. Our core business is based on buying the overstock of current and penultimate models, we get better purchase prices doing so and pass our price advantage on to you.

Account Management

  • New Business Development HPI & HPE
  • Specialist Workstation reseller technical sales team
  • Specialist PC technical team

Finance and Credit

  • In-House credit team
  • Credit limit support for small reseller partners
  • Back to back support on large deals for resellers
  • HPFS Reseller support
  • Flexible credit as we are self-funding
  • High net worth ratio to revenue


  • In-House technical configuration team
  • Pre-Sales support service
  • Imaging and Asset-Tagging service
  • Post-Sales support

Evaluation and Loan

  • £500k of evaluation and rental stock
  • Specialist vertical market advice team
  • Specialist custom configuration service
  • Commercial channel based hire business
  • All strands proven to grow channel HP business over other evaluation services
  • Mainly Workstation today but this will grow


  • 98% pick success rate
  • International shipping
  • E-Shipment on electronic software
  • Real time order tracking (coming 2017)
  • POD online (coming 2017)
  • Outsourced warehousing for System Integrators / OEM’s and Resellers

Stock Holding

  • One of the largest UK stocking Resellers
  • 3.2m units of HP stock held in the UK
  • Next day configuration and delivery service in the UK and Europe
  • New and end of line inventory
  • Widest range of hardware configurable services in the UK
  • Mainly Workstation today but this will grow

Configuration Services


  • Full imaging and Configuration services
  • Specialist Asset-Tagging
  • Staged deployment in multiple languages

Notebooks & Tablets

  • Keyboard & O/S Localisation
  • Full imaging and configuration services
  • Specialist Asset-Tagging
  • Staged deployment in multiple languages


  • Specialist configuration services by application
  • Largest specialist stock holding in the UK
  • Full imaging / tagging and staged deployment service
  • Special additional services for System Integrators / OEM‘s and Resellers

Config Stats

  • Over 20,000 systems configured every year
  • Full imaging and tagging service
  • Full configuration services, we use our own teams
  • Workstation BOM’s for specialist deployment creating consistency into mission critical verticals