HP 10K RACK AIRFLOW Open boxed *

HP 10K RACK AIRFLOW Open boxed *

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Hewlett Packard Enterprise AF090A rack accessory

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AF090A, 2.15 lb...

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Part No. AF090A
Condition: HP RENEW Manufacturer Refurbish (Silver) Product


Hewlett Packard Enterprise AF090A. Maximum weight capacity: 0.97 kg. Width: 101 mm, Depth: 508 mm, Height: 444 mm

It's getting harder to manage a data center efficiently, with rising utility bills and ever-increasing demands due to processor power and server density increases. Growing user requests mean heavier strain on servers and air conditioning units in the data center. For many companies, this puts data center costs and performance under the spotlight-making them essential factors for an efficient IT infrastructure. HP helps companies manage their data centers more effectively to decrease power and cooling costs. The HP Rack Airflow Optimization Kit is designed to seal air gaps inside the rack, in between two bayed racks and the clearance from the floor to the rack. The HP Rack Airflow Optimization Kit prevents hot exhaust air from the rear of the rack from reaching the front of the rack via pressure differential between the hot and cold aisles. This maximizes cold air intake from the servers, which improves datacenter cooling efficiency and reduces datacenter power usage. The HP Rack Airflow Optimization Kit is designed to support all HP 10000 Series (G1 and G2) rack heights including 22U, 36U, 42U, 47U. It also supports HP 800mm wide racks.

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